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Business Management System (BMS)

Business Management System (BMS)

Product Name

Business Management System (BMS)

Product Description

Business Management System (BMS) is a software solution that allows you to manage your entire Company in an integrated and efficient manner. As an application it touches every operational and administrative aspect of your business. The end result being "a simple, on the go, to the information, data & analysis tool at your fingertips, at any point in time.

Product Features

1.Leads Management Module

It is imperative for any Company to have complete knowledge and tracking of potential leads in a timely and systematic manner, which may be fructify into admissions or clients. The power of organised, recorded data is immeasurable and could spell a game changing role for a Company. The biggest deficit in a Company's Client Management System is the absence of a suitable mechanism of recording, tracking and recalling potential leads over a period of time. BMS helps our clients to generate leads as walk in candidates or leads from other sources and then maintains lead reports of active as well as inactive leads. The Report maintains a chronological history of conversations and generates call or notification reminders as desired. Besides it sets in motion creation of a database which may be accessed by the user for multiple purposes.

2.Enrolment Management Module

A Company may have hundreds of customers across and overlapping multiple streams, modules and locations. A responsible and dynamic Company distinguishes itself from others by having a detailed database of its customers / members at its fingertips. BMS ensures that the user has access to the profile, personal details, background information, relevant and other details, source of lead, package offered, dues remaining, financial transactions and more with every customer. This ensures that you have an informed referential interface with every customer of your Company.

3.Class Scheduling Module

This feature enables display of daily or periodic schedules of lectures / sessions in multiple modes. Schedules may be presented with respect to time, topics, modules or faculty. This proves to be an ultimate tool for optimisation of the use of time, space and resources and plan efficiently. This also serves as a ready reference to the core activity of the organisation.

4.Financial Reporting Module

Finances reflect the true health of the organisation. It is imperative that we maintain a close tab on our periodic collections, discounts, taxes and recoverable dues. The ability to leverage such data against projected targets and expenditures as well as historical data rightly directs the course of action one must pursue.

5.Attendance Module

The reputation and credibility of the Company also hinges on the degree of learning and advancement shown by its members. The attendance module keeps a ready reference of the attendance of the staff and members so that personal attention, counselling and remedial actions, if necessary, are undertaken. The efficacy of any department can also be gauged by attendance records.

6.Bulk Emailing Panel

Communication is the cornerstone of building robust organisations. The application provides bulk emailing / messaging panel to reach out to all members about important updates, events, changes and notifications.

7.Reporting Module

Mass cross sectional data becomes meaningful when reported in the right manner. The reporting and statistical modules help better analysis and inference from the current and historic data available.