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We currently have 3 successfully rolled out applications and are in the process of building more carefully crafted products in consultation with industry experts.

LMIS - LPG Mandatory Inspection System (LMIS)

It is a very powerful Integrated product suite, consisting of an android based mobile app and a comprehensive web application, that empowers LPG distributors with technology to conduct mandatory & other compliance inspections digitally. It has many benefits for the LPG distributors, and it ensures that kitchen of every consumer becomes a safer place to cook in.

BMS - Business Management System

Business Management System (BMS) is a software solution that allows you to manage your entire Business in an integrated and efficient manner. As an application it touches every operational and administrative aspect of your business. The end result being "a simple, on the go, to the minute" information, data & analysis tool at your fingertips, at any point in time. more . . .

TMS - Taxi Management System

Taxi Management System (TMS) is a set of mobile and web application, which will help you make your taxi or related domain business go digital from a conventional and traditional data/order processing system. more . . .

CMS - Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System (TMS) is a set of applications, which makes transforms your management of clinic and all its activities from the conventional and traditional appointment and recording system into a digitised and analytical mechanism so that doctors may focus only on patient care. The software takes care of everything else from appointment scheduling, patient database, billing and reporting. Clinic management - more organised, coordinated and professional. more . . .