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Why epiTech

We focus on one thing: Use technology to empower our customers to gain competitive advantage.

At epiTech, we believe that the more we understand about your business and your goals, the better we’ll be able to design and build solutions that can truly create competitive advantage for your company.

Our philosophy is simple – we hire and retain the best and brightest talent and strive to exceed customer expectations on every level. Our teams work very hard to drive every epiTechcustomer toward greater success

They are following three things that separate us from other software development firms.

Strategic participation

We work proactively to understand our customers’ business goals so we can provide them with strategic value from the commencement of every project, taking a broader view across each customer’s organization to align technology with their long-term goals.

Development Excellence

At epiTech, we aim to use technology in the best possible way to help our customers gain competitive advantage. Our elite global team of more than 1,100 people uses its award-winning technical skills to build unique, elegant software that drives our customers forward in the marketplace. By seeking out the most complex, challenging projects worldwide, we have created an intellectually vibrant workplace with attrition rates among the lowest in the industry.

Customer focus

We are sincere about the success of every single epiTech customer engagement. We continually strive to offer customers greater flexibility, visibility and opportunities for collaboration.Our teams adapt to the specific needs and culture of your company, combining proven tools and methodologies with a personalized approach to ensure that every epiTech project is completed to your satisfaction.